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Due to a job relocation I have had to change gyms.Unfortunately this new gym has a squat rack with no safety rack.Since I work out alone I do not feel comfortable using a heavy weight without the safety rack.If I don't squat I don't feel right.Are there any types of squats(i,e 1 1/4 squats) that I can substitute regular squats with?P.S. I don't use the smith machine.


It's easier to bail out when doing front squats. Just push the bar away & jump back if/when you get pinned. It might depend on what's on the floor though.


Any type of Zercher lift, Jefferson squats, hack squats, lunges, deadlifts, overhead squats, front squats. That should be enough.


dexter your gym should foot the bill on a safty rack. tell them if someone gets injured it's going to be their insurance that pays not the person who gets hurt. they should run for one once you tell them that.


Front squats. Or, learn from an Olympic lifter how to dump the bar off your back and over your head. It's pretty safe if you do it right.


You could do front squats. If you get in trouble you can just ditch the bar on the floor. Also dumbell squats, barbell hack squats and slow tempo back squats (if you get in trouble just speed up the tempo to get the weight up).


You could try old-style hack squats.


I have this problem (and no partner). The way I got around it was to do deadlifts only. I read an article where Pavel said he had even competitive bodybuilders replacing the squat with the dead with great results.


can you gather up two benches? Put one on each side and use them as your rack. It's unimaginable that there is a gym without a rack. I second the suggestions about deadlifts. if you have a few boards to elevate yourself you can get a lot deeper, especially if you focus on keeping your hips low.