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Squats without insane aches after?


I am relatively new to lifting. I am more of a cardio person, but now my aim is to gain muscle mass.

Anyways, whenever I do squats (i'v only been doing it with light weights since im new to this) the day after my legs and glutes are insanely sore. So sore that moving is really hard. The day after that is just as bad. Day 3, its toleratable, day 4 it is gone.

Now, I really want to do squats, but the aches after is quite disruptive to me.

I've even tried doing body weights squats with more reps, but it's the same story the day after.

How do I tackle this issue?


That's called DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

You'll get sore for a couple of weeks, after which it should start to go away as your body adapts to the load. Keep pushing through it. Also, some light recovery lifting will help getting rid of it faster.

You might try more sets of less reps as well.


Do some bodyweight squats the next day. Just to get blood moving through the muscle.

Aside from that, there is this technique called "Man the Fuck Up".



If this does happen, then I recommend you switch to 20 rep squats right away...this way you won't go another day without those loving DOMS...

DOMS= God's little way of saying.."you did good in there little buddy"


Invest in a foam roller. Use it after each training session. The above advice, too. The quickest way to deal with DOMS is to use the sore muscles.


I would just like to add.

You call yourself a "cardio person", but once you start squatting and getting heavier and heavier, you'll see how a heavy set of 3 squats can make you feel like you sprinted around the block. And there is no greater feeling.


The best solution is to stop being a bitch.


^ LOL. i would be seriously concerned if I DIDN'T feel sore after I squatted. OP, let me assure you will learn to love this feeling.


Yep, stick with this long enough and you'll come to embrace that soreness

Guinness is also a very effective remedy for DOMS, not joking at all


in my experience if you take protein before during and after your workout, you won't get as sore. you'll still be stiff and weak all over the next day but it won't be as painful.


The more I workout (as in years of time in the gym), the less sore I've been getting after training, you're body will eventually adjust to the squats, just man up and deal...Many times I have not been able to bend down the next day after a brutal leg session without some serious pain.


This reminds me of a Donny Shankle interview

Go to 7:30 for the relevant part lol.


speaking of doms, my chest is on fire today...for me it's always the 2nd day after lifting. I'm not super sore the day after, but 2nd day is always killer.


check your recovery. are you getting enough, workout nutrition, food in general, sleep, foam rolling etc. Recovery is a big part of the battle


Reading the OP reminds me of the day after the first time I ever lifted weights in 8th grade. I had just started playing football, and the coaches taught us how to squat, power clean, and bench all in the same workout. Left the gym feeling tired, but thought eh whatever and just went about my day.

Ha, next morning, I was pinned to my bed. Literally had to roll out onto the floor, thinking "What the hell???"


warm down by doing 5 mins gentle cardio then stretch very thoroughly.
In particular hold your hamstring stretch for a good 90 secs, keep your lower back flat and it should be damn uncomfortable by the end.


You ever had a few weeks off from your cardio? and then came back and busted your ass for a really hard session? I bet you would be bloody sore too.
Your body is unaccustomed to this type of training, yes you will get somewhat sore after every decent leg session but it sure as hell shouldnt feel as bad as when you first start squatting or as bad as when you come back from a break.
Here is a tip that sounds like bullshit and I would never haver have beleived it untill I tried it for a while, if you train legs twice a week they will recover faster and be less sore.


OP how is the soreness, you got it figured yet?


post your diet


Squat heavy at least twice a week for a month
eat a fuckton of sat fat and protein
man the fuck up
foam roll