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Squats with Just a Belt ( 10/07/2012)

Squats with just a belt (10/07/2012)

135Ibs x 10

225Ibs x 5

315Ibs x 1

405Ibs x 1

455Ibs x 1

500Ibs x 1

leg presses(single leg,pauses at bottom)

405Ibs x 5 x 3

Leg extensions

70Ibs x 10 x 3

Hip abduction( inner and outer)

80Ibs x 10 x 2

110Ibs x 10 x 2

You sure do like to jump weights a lot.

I start like this…

body weightx5

315x2…and keep going to whatever my working set is.

cool story bro

Logging squat work like that should always be accompanied by video.

I agreee with bluecollar…squat numbers are HIGHLY misrepresented much of the time. What you “call” a squat vs. a “real” squat may be two totally different animals. If you ever want feedback/criticism/pat on the back, etc… there has got to be some actual footage involved.

Over a month old. Quality shit, bro.