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Squats, Vertical Jump, and Speed

Olympic lifters tend to have the highest vertical jumps… just sayin

biq squats without proper coordination & stability = little transition to vert leap

big squats with great coordination & great stability = crazy high vert leap

we’ve worked with a 255 pound athlete that at the olympic training center measured 40" vert, I don’t think he would have accomplished that without the considerable degree of squat/strength work

we will will see sub 9 second 100’s eventually, mark my words

what is the point of this post? This is a pointless thread. There is already a Vert/speed thread in the Conditioning forum.


yeah your right, it was pretty much a comentary in a different direction on the “squats feeling weird thread”

I’ll go rant in the conditioning forum

^^oh ok I didnt see the squats feeling weird thread. Yeah theres a lot of good info in the vert thread.