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Squats Using DBs


I just wanted to get your opinion on doing squats using dumbells. How good is this exercice compared to doing squats using a barbell ?

In my case, I can't go very heavy and am dealing with a lower back injury. Using DB seems to help me avoid back pain for now until I recover.


It depends on how I feel.I always try to listen to my body.If I feel like doing DB full squats,then I'll do them.If not,I'll do the BB full squats. I've done both and have gotten great results.You should keep your mind open and do both to keep your workout program interesting.

Do two weeks of BB squats,then switch it up with some DB squats so your body keeps growing.Or,if you do squats twice a week,do one day of BB squats,then the second or third day can be DB squats.However, if you're getting over a back injury I'd advice you to stick with the DB squats untill you heal.

Hope this helps.


I stand on the assisted chin/dip station... put that actual assist kneepad on the ground, then stand on the two foot platforms. I take a dumbbell and hold it verticalls, by the actual plate and squat.

Using these platforms allows you to go ass to grass instead of the dumbbell hitting the ground.

I do these every so often, I feel it put alot more strain on my hams and glutes.