Squats Upping Your Testosterone?

I’ve heard doing squats ups your testosterone…

I’ve been doing more and more squats and I usually leave with headache and for the next day or two feel notably more aggressive and sometimes, I get this kind of lock jaw feeling.

Today it is noticeable.

Now is the placebo affect? Or is my test really boosting, and if so, how much?

Do you all believe in the squats; legal steroids ‘myth.’ If so, has it been proved, can it be proved?

Believe me, I want it to be true, and it definetely feels true, especially how I’ve been squatting lately.

So please, squats= test boosters or no?


I think this is a reasonable question, I read a book called ‘Brawn.’ In the book the author frequently states this but never elaborates on how much it boosts or how much more it boosts than just doing pushups per say.

Why is this funny?


Try the search button.

The appropriate answer this is that resistance exercise can raise test levels, not just squats. They may raise them alittle more because your legs are a big muscle. Doctors sometimes tell chaps with lower test to lift weights. Don’t expect to grow like a weed though. The levels aren’t gonna go up that much.

Dear Lord. The moment lifting weights causes “roid rage” we know an entire generation has been lost.

What are you running for PCT after such a strong squat workout. Are your nipples swollen and tender? Be careful…

You can expect to gain 30lbs from your first Squat cycle. Be careful of gyno!

As others have said be careful as your increased squat work is the equivalent of 1 gram of test per week. You definitely need something to offset this high test. Try curls in the squat rack to counteract it.


[quote]Guerrero wrote:

Why is this funny?[/quote]

Isn’t it obvious? He sounds like he is exibiting bahavior as if he was taking steroids. It’s in his head.

[quote]Short Hoss wrote:
You can expect to gain 30lbs from your first Squat cycle. Be careful of gyno![/quote]

who is that in your avatar? they have a similar chest to me - small! - but it looks ok seeing as the arms then taper to the waist mask it…


yes doing squats increases your test production. so does working your back. i just got back to doing rack pulls for my main back builder and my natural test went from considerably high (i am 20 afterall) to rediculous, my sex drive is through the roof.

I would think deadlfits would have a similar effect. All lifting stimulates testosterone. Obviously the harder and more compound the lift, the more is stimulated.

I’ve often felt somewhat aggressive too the day after squats, especially if I go very low.

Yea, I did squats yesterday, I was so pumped up I raped and killed my family, even my dog.

I’m gonna squat again tommorow.

The test increase after squatting heavy for the first time was noticable for me personally. Don’t expect it to always be like this though.

It’s a good thing all of this “noticeable” testosterone secretion has little to nothing to do directly with muscle growth and adaptation or else all of society would collapse under the weight of rage and aggression.

isn’t that what happened in 28 Days Later?

As opposed to the weight of lard and lazy that is causing the current collapse?

Heavy squats are known to put hair on your chest, cause your testicles to grow to the size of grapefruits, and add an average of 5" of length to your cock.

That is a fact.

Yes they do, if your feeling awesome from those squats great keep doing them and encourage others too also.