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Squats - Too Low?


Alright, when I squat down I go ALL THE WAY down.

As in, ass to ankle. almost ball of foot low.

The problem with me doing this, is I think my back rounds against my calves making me have to straight my back out on the way up to get hip drive. This is really brutal.

There is two solutions from the way I see it.

Either I'm going to low and should stop that.
Or I have a mobility issue.

Does any one have ideas?


Can you put up a video?


Against my legs, even.


I wish.


Yeah, I think you should provide a video.


Check some videos on YouTube and see where you make a mistake.


Um mobility is an issue, also going to high on the weight for your current strength is another issue. I would say cut back on the weight to where you can keep proper form, slowly build back up from that point holding proper form.

Doing heavy weights is a goal, but on the road to that goal you must also think about not hurting yourself as that just sets back your goal completion date, or can cause serious permanent damage.




1 strength goal of mine is now to get access to something that records motions in the real world, digitally!


But why does Rippetoe, and the general strength community, call for increasing by 5 lb every session on Starting Strength concerning beginners?


normally issues with ass to grass squats come from mobility issues, or form issue. the distance between your feet and the angle of your feet can greatly change your squat. when you set up are your feet parallel or angled out? and how much distance is between your heels?


This thing is called 'a camera.'

1) Try a wider stance, with toes pointing slightly outwards.
2) 5 lbs is a standard you should get at the begining, but sooner or later it changes. If your form gets wrong, it's too much simply too much.


It's to hard to tell without a video. But...if your loosing your arch, that may be something you just need to work on. For example, sucking in a gut of air, sticking your ass out, and keeping your chest up. Simple things like that kept my back from rounding.


My feet are usually angled out a bit. I'd say 45 degrees most of the time, sometimes only 30.

Usually I squat with slightly more than shoulder width stance for the heels.


1) I'll try it!
2) Thank you


It's really the mid back that rounds... It makes the force from the hips to the shoulders and bar less direct/more wasted.

I think I do need to work on hip mobility for sure, because I can stick my ass out easy, but when I get under the bar it seems my ass is almost impossible to stick out. Just sort of my lower back. Is this recognizable?


Sounds fine, I'd say your stance is wide enough.

Do you lean forward when getting out of the hole?
Dou you have to work with your lower back to help the weight up?


If you can't go low without proper form, you need to do corrective exercises until you can. Make sure your heel stays in contact with the ground the whole time. If your back is rounding out, then you probably have a few postural problems. Have someone do a movement screen on you.

In the mean time, I recommend doing box squats, slowly lowering the box until you can do a real squat with proper form.




I think this may be the precise problem. I can do lighter weights with fine form.


Usually if I put the bar to high on my neck, I cant stick my ass out. You might wanna try getting it lower on your back.