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squats to failure

Due to my job, I workout at 2am. Naturally, there is nobody in the gym at that time (just the 90 pound dweeb at the front desk). So, I’ve squatted alone. Power racks work the best. If you are going to use a smith machine, why not just go ahead and use the leg press? On the subject the leg press; don’t be afraid to use it. Despite what some hard liners might say, the leg press is a great exercise.If you don’t feel safe squating alone, use the leg press.

Squatting with a SMITH MACHINE is moronic. Smith machines are dangerous needless to say. Why? because most guys who use them squat with their legs slightly forward…which DOES nail the quads better. However, IT also nuetralizes the lower lumbar since the back is MORE straight/ up and down. This causes a FREE FLOATING affect on the verts and can EASILY cause a blow out. IVe seen many bodybuilders doing this…and start going heavy (up to 315-405) and watch their back… in the bottom position JERK a little…because of the unstablized position. ALSO… smith machine is a ONE dimensions lift. It doesnt incorporate other stablizer and secondary auxillary muscles. I squat Very heavy (857 lbs in comp 950 lbs in training) I trained for MANY years BY MYSELF even at 800+ lbs for years (deep). I knew my limitations and what i could and couldnt do. Currently i train a team. NONE Of my lifters are allowed to use a POWER rack…and we walk BACK… outta the free standing squat. WHY? it teaches us DISCIPLINE… and to get over the MENTAL crutch of relying on the SAFETY net of using a power rack. WE also use no belts or knee wraps… and squat TO THE FLOOR… at 85% of our squatting. One thing that might also help everyone…is doing WEIGHTED AB WORK. Strong abs means bigger squats and deadlifts… since their stablizing muscles…that SUPPORT and PUSH the upper body into the upright position. ITs not just the back. GOOD LUCK… and yes.you can squat well… even by yourself.


I could not find a thread older than this, can anyone do better?

why do all really old threads have posters that all have 224532 posts; and have join dates of feb 2003?

[quote]deadliftgoal500 wrote:
why do all really old threads have posters that all have 224532 posts; and have join dates of feb 2003?[/quote]

What an excellent observation. It must be a sign of some sort.

I thought someone actually had more posts than prof x when I saw that too but then everyone had the exact same number on the older posts. I’m guessing there was a different forum system back then and it all got imported to the new one, probably in feb 03 so they all got the same date. No clue about the post count though.