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Squats Stunt Growth?

[quote]MikeTheBear wrote:
I’m sure the rumor also got started because shorter guys tend to have an advantage in powerlifing and Olympic lifting given the shorter levers. So it spawned the post hoc ergo propter fallacious reasoningg of "Guys who lift weights are short. Therefore, lifting weights stunts growth.

" Based on that logic, if I had played more basketball as a kid, I would have grown to 6’6". Oh wait, I did play lots of basketball with the neighborhood kids because I was taller than they were. I didn’t quite make it to 6’6".[/quote]

Bingo, that’s exactly what I was going to say.

Squats will not stunt your growth.


I had to go to an Orthopedic Surgeon who specializes in treating kids. I asked him if squats/weight lifting would stunt my growth. He laughed and told me it was BS.

BTW I’m 16.

Squats give you cancer.

This doesn’t really have to do with the original topic, but you should really concentrate on form. As a beginner, you’ll see serious improvements in strength from even minimal weights. Here are some some easy steps to work on your form:

  1. Stand arms length from a door, holding the doorknob.

  2. Hold your chest as high as you can; your back shoudl be as arched as possible.

  3. Squat down between your legs. Your back should stay arched; you might have to prop up your heels a bit to get to the bottom without losing your arch.

Do overhead squats to help work on your form as well.

Will squatting with bad form but light weight stunt growth?

Like if a 140 pound person was to squat 135lbs 10 times with bad form, would his growth be stunted?