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Squats Squats and More Squats


So my favorite exercise are squats. Currently am a full time student who has very little time to lift. I was thinking... is squatting heavy 3 times a week, along with power cleans and dead lifts enough to make me gain size? Of course with a high calorie diet and will be getting plenty of rest b/c of classes. Any opinions? Currently weighing 145, 5'11 and 20yrs old. Also taking whey protein thanks, ( Also i am one of the rare few, I hate lifting upper body.) Can I get away with gaining size this way?


well you'll gain size on the bodyparts you are training...

if you are squatting 3x a week try having a heavy, medium and light day.

Really though, if you want to gain size then you'll need to train your upper body. Something tells me you already knew that.


PowerCleans and Dead lifts aren't enough for the upper body?




How well do you honestly think powercleans and deadlifts hit your chest, triceps, biceps, lats, and delts?


Gmoore, how often do you do the mentioned lifts? Power cleans train all of the mentioned and more except for the chest and triceps. Op, adding in bench presses would be a good thing to do if you care about the chest or triceps.


I love deadlifts, have never really done powercleans, not because I think they're useless or anything though, main reason I haven't is ill-equipped gyms that are crowded and do not have bumper plates.

In the purest sense, I can see why power clean is a 'full body lift,' and you are in some way using most of your muscles to perform it. However, the muscles that are getting significantly stimulated (ie enough to grow) would be those in your lower body, and your traps. Your biceps, lats, and delts (I should've said front delt when I included what wouldn't get hit), while they may be activated while doing the lift, should not be getting the proper stimulation to elicit much, if any, hypertrophy.

Notice I didn't ask if he thought they were in any way involved, I said "how well" do you think they are are getting trained... not very. If OP is looking for upper body mass, he is missing out on an awful lot.


you can keep squat, either deadft or cleans(not both) and add a major pressing exercise, either bench press or standng military press. you can build good physique with just those 3.


full body 3 days a week with squat focus?


DB rows
Front squat and Good mornings

Deadlift (heavy)
Squat (light - 20 reps)



Color me surprised.


You're trying to cop out of hard training, but there are plenty of well-designed programs that can be done with relatively-little time in the gym, depending on your goal.


If you use a high bar deep back squat, your back and shoulders will have a strong opinion about it after.

So IMO add a bench variation in there and you've got your self a decent program.

So basically starting strength. But with high bar deep back squats of course.


Thanks for the replies.


You hate to lift,, PULL


Why do you hate to lift upper body? I am guessing it's because your upper body is currently weak. Simple solution bro: Lift upper body and make your upper body strong. Then you will no longer hate doing it. ding