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Squats, Snatch, Clean/Jerk Review

down to 60kg bodyweight from 62kg due to increased volume and intensity. made a few changes to starting position, hopefully it’s better. feels more natural and comfortable now. went up to 75kg in snatch, tried 77.5kg but missed. went up to 85kg in clean and jerk. bit of a long video but i just wanted to put it all into one. thanks in advance!

looking pretty good.

On the snatch you are not finishing the pull(at least with the lower weights, the higher ones look better), unless you are doing it so fast I can’t see it. You need to fully extend at the hip/knee, you are leaving out ~10 degrees. Maybe stay on your heels a bit longer.

On the jerk in the dip you are being thrown forward a bit and probably moving from heel to midfoot. stay on your heels.

thanks for taking the time to watch. i think i cut the pull short to conserve energy for the heavier weights. either that or it makes me feel like im going under faster and smoother. i should kick that habit though and work on having more consistent technique. i agree on the jerk. i can feel myself shifting my weight forward on the heavier weights. jerk seems to be weak. gotta work on that…a lot.

Finishing the pull will actually normally make you go under faster because your body will lean back more which makes you land your feet faster. Also focusing on landing your feet faster help with getting under quick.

Personally I think feet slightly back and slightly out, but FAST. right after the end of the pull. It normally takes time to be able to synchronize it but you seem to be very talented already. Your cleans are better than mine for sure.

Very graceful (even the squats), of course this is coming from an inconsistent novice, I didn’t even notice at first that you were not finishing the pull in the beginning until lordstorm pointed it out. Do you have that entire gym to yourself?

thanks! yeah i pretty much have it to myself. its not a very popular sport over here.