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Squats - Side Angle -


I did 5 sets of 5 with 295. Here is the link for set 1 and set 5. I am 165.





Looks pretty rough on your lower back dude.

Chest up, knees out, drive the hips.

You squat way too low, lol. Stay strong...


Nice job on how low you go. You are using your back too much. I do this too when I go too heavy. My deadlift is much better than my squat, and I think what is happening is that your (our) back(s) are compensating for lack of leg strength.

Like the previous poster said, drive with the hips before the knees.


I'm gonna keep with what I said on the other thread - what you're doing doesn't look exceptionally dangerous (though your lumbar arch is decreasing on the way up - not to the point of SNAP though), but it looks very inefficient. The descent looks like a full squat with a lowish bar placement. The initial concentric also looks like a full squat; at the halfway point, though, you pitch forward a bit at the shoulders, push the hips back, and convert to a PL squat. This shifts the load to the back and hips while in motion, which is a dangerous proposition. One little form slip and kablooey. It's strange to watch, I've never seen anyone do it before.

There's a couple of reasons it might be happening.

First is low bar placement and full squat depth. I'd advise picking one, PL or OL squat.

Second is squatting wide with a heel. That threw me off considerably - I brought in my stance and fixed a number of problems in my form.

Third is squatting wide and very deep. What may be happening is that your hips are weaker than your quads in that position, so it starts out like a OL squat, then you reach a position where your hips can take over, so you switch to PL form without realizing it. Try taping a light session/warmups and see if it still happens.

Last is not letting your knees move far enough forward while squatting deep. It's gonna happen and isn't dangerous in a full squat when flexibility is in place, and is necessary for keeping an upright torso for the full range of the movement.

Huge props on the intensity dude. Not many attack the weight the same way you do - you're gonna be brutally strong if you keep it up and fix the finer points on form.



Educate me.
How is your form when you only hit parallel level and is this considered a low bar for you or a high bar placement?

Sometimes you look like you're doing a good morning or deadlift but I can see you're still actively using your legs and butt to lift the heavy weight up. Anyways, what is your critique of yourself in this side angle?



You need to do some box squats. Being able to sit back and break the concentric and eccentric would really benefit you.

I understand that you do dive-bombs but you should really reconsider this style. Because what happens when you are lifting a heavier load? That bounce at the bottom will get you out of the hole, but good luck with the good morning portion of your squat.

A couple of tips from Dave Barr that would really help you are to "bend the bar around your back" and to drive your head back into your traps on ascent.


Cycle back on your poundages (like about 50lbs) and correct your technique, or you will pay in the long run.

You are young, you have plenty of time to get to that weight. A lower back injury can ruin your training career.


i can see that you have some of the same problems as I have, when the weights go up, my back go down.. :slight_smile: I think it is beacause my deadlift is far stronger than my squat and that I (without thinking) try to do most of the lift with my back. My strategy to overcome this is go down on the weights, experiment with stance/width/technique and get it right from the start.




Nice job on posting these videos for others input. In my book, that shows you're really interested in improving yourself. You are a very strong dude!

I have to agree with Dan on most of his points.

As a former o-lifter, my primary advice is decide what you want to accomplish with your squat. If you are training for powerlifting, train a powerlifting squat. If you're training for o-lifting, train an olympic squat. Don't mix the two into one form. (You can train both...)

For example, if you're training for powerlifting, lose the o-lifting shoes and forget about rebounding your butt off your calves. Those are olympic lifting techniques. Because of your current (low) bar placement, you are not able to keep a neutral spine in the hole and are rounding your low back. You may get away with this for now, but I guarantee it will catch up to you...Instead, get a pair of flat soled shoes and learn to sit back. All you have to do is break parallel, so why do more work than you have to?

If your training for the o-lifts, then move the bar up high on the traps which will allow you to keep the torso more upright and protect your lower back. Keep the shoes and the rebound from the hole.

The reality is you don't really have to choose how you want to train--as a powerlifter or an o-lifter, you can do both. Just don't mix squat styles. You will get much stronger, much faster if you place yourself in biomechanically advatageous positions.

Mess around with your technique and post more videos to update us on your progress, should you choose to accept our advice.

You already work hard, now work smart!

Best of luck.



Here's the thing though, many if not most powerlifters are gravitating towards wearing OLY shoes in the squat. Look at the photos from IPF worlds or USAPL men's nationals.

I find it difficult to tell where I'm breaking parallel, so I take it as far as I can go. Also, at contest I wear a belt, kneewraps, and suit, which prevents me from going that low.



My deadlift is a lot stronger. I can pull 405 for 5 (sumo) or 405 for 3 (conventional) with no belt.



I think the music in your gym is holding you back! You'd be good for 315 with some Korn or Rage Against the Machine.


Try box squats. Set a box up where you can see in the mirror where it needs to be to get the top of your knee above the crease of your hip. After a few sets, you will get the idea of how low you need to be.

If you ever get to come up towards League City in the evenings give me a call. PM me for my number...

We speed squat on the box on Thur and that is when we work on technique/speed.

According to Jim last week, my form is pretty good and I know what to look for.

stay strong