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Squats, Shin Splits, etc


I've been having horrible ankle pain and shin splints in my right leg while squatting lately. I use the VS dynamo weightlifting shoes and I squat in typical weightlifting style; high bar and ass to grass. I'm thinking that I'm over pronating my foot. Would I be able to add an insole to my weightlifting shoes to help correct the problem, or is that a big no-no?




I can't speak to whether or not it's a no-no but I would get checked and find out what dysfunction is causing you to overload the ankle/shin, or actually cause the pain. Get assessed by an experienced practitioner (DC, PT, MD) who has a background in musculoskeletal assessment and training implications. I know a guy in Rhinelander, WI if you're anywhere near there, if not, ask around.

Could be anywhere in the kinetic chain in the lower extremity that is causing you to overload your ankle/shin when you squat, and it's pretty tough to tell from the info you've provided.


Interesting. I'm gonna have my regular physician take a look at it, and maybe forward me to someone.


If your knees are buckling in when squatting the problem is pretty evident. Get assessed for incorrect movement patterns.