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Squats & Pain in Scrotum Area

Hi all, this is my first post here although I have been following the forum for some time.
Sorry if this topic has already been covered but I haven’t found anything directly related.

Recently, I’ve been experiencing pain in the scrotum area, see pic (I’m not a native speaker and not good at anatomy either).


Seems like it’s tendons or something. I have been comfortably squatting 130kg+ deep for sets with a wide stance (and a solid form I would say), but as of now I can’t really squat at all, the pain was impossible to overcome today.

Am I just overtrained and should stay away from squatting for some time, add more mobility exercises/running etc? I have fairly long legs and an office job, maybe it’s somehow associated.

Thanks for all the help and sorry for the long post.

Is it pain in the scrotum or the area you circled? Possibly two different injuries is why I ask.

Hey Popeye, it’s not the scrotum, it’s the circled area. As said I suck at anatomy :slight_smile: I will probably have to look into what muscles/tendons are in that area and what it could be.
Any idea what injury this may be?

google gilmores groin and ostio pubis (tink thats how its spelt)check it out had gilmores when diagnosed op and 6/8 weeks rehab best of luck

Ok cool where you circled. I used to get pain there when I would do heavy leg pressing. Nothing major just sharp pain and the area was warm to the touch. I would def check out what davyboy suggested and look in to it. Always thought mine was a hernia coming on.