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Squats: Pain in Lower Back


This just started a few weeks ago. Whenever I do squats I get a sharp pain in the right side of my lower back. It kind of started when I began to go heavier than I usually do, so I've been thinking I should just back off on the weight. Or could this be a form issue? I don't feel positive that I am doing squats with the best form.

Also I do DL's after squats and I feel the pain then too.


Might be an idea to put up a video of yourself squatting if you have access to a camera. That way you can get some feedback on your technique.


Wild guess, but don't look at yourself in the side mirror?


Don't have access to a camera, and yes I do look in the side mirror sometimes and to me it looks like I am doing correct form...Could it be that I arch my back to much?


My wild guess was that you're twisting your spine or compromising your core when you turn your head.

You don't have a digital camera, not even on your cell phone? Not that big of a deal. Just get someone to watch what you're doing.

Are you extending and flexing your abs while you squat?


Check out some of these videos as well. They may help you figure out what may be wrong with your form.


I like these articles too:


Some great videos there from Rippetoe - I hadn't seen those before.

Also worth checking out the Squat RX videos on youtube...


Got to get back into the posterior chain. Also Deadlifting after squatting is not a great idea IMO, if you are pushing one pretty good, your not going to have the strength to do the other very well even if you would have been able to otherwise.