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Squats over deads

I just finished reading “the evil russians” article,and i was paticularly interested in the section where he said a bodybuilder with strong legs should use deadlifts instead of squats
ive been thinking of dropping squats for a while now,because i dont have a power rack,and having to clean the bar on to my shoulders is starting to get hard as the weight goes up.my legs are probably my best bodypart,and i dont want to loose size,currently i do deads and squats once a week,and i thought squats were necesary for total body mass.
what does anyone else think???

Take what Pavel says about bodybuilding with a grain of salt. His area of expertise is in movement specific strength training. He also mentioned that a good bodybuilding routine would just consist of the deadlift and bench press applied with his techniques; I don’t think anyone in here would buy that. For your situation, I find it amazing that you have been squatting without a power rack. This is ridiculously dangerous. So stop doing squats immediately if you don’t have a power rack. Now, it would be best if you did have a power rack or got to a gym that had one so you could do some sort of squat. I believe it is best to incorporate some sort of squat and deadlifts in a bodybuilding routine.

yeah,thanks bro
i knew the squat was a neccesity for building mass,but never heard anyone say deadlifts were better.
he said ken shamrock chooses deads over squats,but in kens book he highly reccomens squats,both unweighted and weights.
i do plan on buying a power rack,when i have the money,there is only one gym local,but its a health spa and dont have good equipment,

Funny that burritojimmy disputes Pavels theory, but is a poster to that site nearly every day. It could be that it is someone stealing his handle. I suggest just trying his techniques to a “T” and confirming falure. I doubt you will but try and keep us posted.

Why not give it a try for 6 weeks? I think many bodybuilders have lagging hamstrings and would benefit from dropping squats for a while to focus on the deadlift. If you supplement with some lunge variations, I doubt your quads are going to shrivel up and die. This would also be a great time to increase ROM in your hip flexors, which are often shortened in athletes who do lots of squatting. You know what they say…“Do what you always do and you’ll get what you always get.”

The deads will help, but won’t be the same. Try lunges with dumbells or step ups, if you have the equipment to help keep up the thigh mass.

okay,i think ill try for six weeks see what the results are like,im actually glad to be dropping the squats for a while,cos although i like the exercise,i hate having to clean the bar,one time the centre knurling racked down the back of my neck and hurt like hell.
heres the plan
on tuesday,in place of the squat,ill use lunges.
on saturday ill deaslift as usual.

ill keep yous posted on results if yes want.