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Squats Make You Shorter?


In the gym today after I finished squatting one of the trainers walked up to me and said "You're a tall kid, you might not want to squat or deadlift, you'll get shorter". Soooooo yeah, is that true at all? I know your spine compresses and decompresses throughout the day, but can it ever be permanently compressed?


Squatting compresses your spine and deadlifting elongates it. /sarcasm

I've never heard of that, but that also wouldn't prevent me from squatting again.


Actually, there is some truth to this statement, but as you said, it's a temporary occurance that occurs throughout the day. The amount of compression from squats (his comment on deads is incorrect) would be extremely minimal (likely in the range of millimeters or micrometers).

I believe I read the same thing in a science journal about sleeping (the spine compresses during sleep), so according to the "trainer" you better stay away from sleeping as well...

Another example of how a little bit of knowledge in the wrong hands is deadly...

Squat away young grasshopper, squat away...


The spine DECOMPRESSES during sleep.

But these guys squatted.


Like these guys said, yea it does compress the spine, but it is minimal and goes back every night when you go to sleep. walking, running, and standing also compress the spine, a whole lot more then squats, as your usually standing for hours a day. For example, the average marathon runner is 1/4 inches shorter after a race then before it.


unfortunately - NOT


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The proper answer is "your a jackass, you might not want to say retarded shit; you'll get slapped"


More helpful adice for a noob from BONEZ. Try to understand, this is not the street/prison. You can't slap anyone here. You're not topdog here. You're just a semi-literate moron.

And to the OP, back squatting does compress the spine. In fact the weight on your shoulders is only half the weight of compression your spine is under due to the floor pushing back with equal force. However the compression is due to the compression of the lumbar discs and unless you rupture one they will expand again immediately upon removing said compression. So no, squatting will not make you shorter but it may screw your back up bigtime unless you know what you're doing and you're careful.


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A long time ago, I learned not to listen to trainers employed by gyms.

I suggest you do the same...


Tell the trainer to go kill himself. Or do it yourself. Harpoon him with a barbell or take a 25lbs to his skull.

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Let's have a look at what he said:

The proper answer is "your(sic) a jackass, you might not want to say retarded shit; you'll get slapped"

  • The proper 'answer' to what? The only person asking questions is the OP, so it could only be the 'answer' to his question/s. Not the guy in the gym who told him not to squat.


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There's a shorter man who overhead squats in my gym...I should warn him immediately lest he be classified as a legal midget and has to runaway and join the circus...


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and to add, squats don't make you shorter they make you jacked