Squats + Lower Back Fatigue

-I have been back squatting regularly for the last few months and I notice that my lower back fatigues rather quickly, just wondering if this is normal for a novice lifter or if its likely a flaw in my technique. I don’t have a video on hand to show but thought I’d ask anyways.

-For example today I did 5 x 10 @ 135 LB… around the 5th or 6th rep It feels like my erectors are on fire. No pain just normal burn but more so than my legs.

Flaw in your technique. Your core should strengthen fairly quickly to handle the load, provided that you’re eating well and actually lifting with your lower back/entire core straight.

Deadlifts help as well.

Definitely technical flaw. But then, those and being a novice do tend to go hand in hand :slight_smile: