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Squats: Low Back Rounding, Long Femurs

Hi, after reading 5 things your missing by Chad Waterbury and reading up on squats in other various locations, I have learned the importance to keep the lower back arched when you squat down, but once I go below parallel I can’t keep that arch.
In Chad’s article it says that those with long femurs can’t achieve this ideal position (not that you shouldn’t do squats). Also in the book “Strength Training Anatomy 2nd Ed” by Frederic Delavier it says you shouldn’t go below parallel unless you have short femurs and are able to keep that lower back arch when at bottom position, otherwise you risk lower back injury.

I’ve realised that my inability to keep that arch could be hip mobility related for me, but I’m also 6’1" which in Chad’s article is an inch shorter than the limit for those to have short femurs, I’m also on the lanky side.

ANYWAY my question is, that if after improving my hip mobility I can’t perform an ideal squat due to having long femurs, should I go below parallel?

Also on a side note, due to me not having a squat rack, I’m power cleaning the bar over my head, what kind of sets and reps should I use to maximise muscle growth with lighter weights (since I can’t go heavy enough to do something like 5x5).

Thanks in advance

I dont see any advantage going down parallel when you cant keep your lower back arched. Do the squat right and try to go parallel. You can try to go lower but try it first with lower weights maybe you have to increase from lower weights to higher weights during some months.
On the point you feel that your lower back isn`t arched any more get up.

I can recommend 3-4 x 8-12 for example but there are a lot of other possibilities.

Have you tried keeping your chest out?