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Squats: Knees Pinching In

Im fairly new to squatting, and really have no issues with flexibility and I also have relatively short legs/long torso.

When I’m lifting with heavier weights (heavy for me anyway) my knees tend to pinch inwards as Im coming up out of the hole, and I have to consciously gets my knees back to neutral. Basically since this is being done in 1 fluid motion, it looks like my legs are flopping side to side as I come up.

Do I have a muscle imbalance somewhere? What kind of assistance exercises would help me correct this?

Any input would help, thanks!

-strengthen your ass
-work on your form
-don’t use a heavy weight until your knee stops pinching (this will take weeks)
-don’t go lower than good form allows

I think you have to lower the weight and get the form to perfection first.

Also just make it habit to push the knees out not just neutral but out.

I agree with the above, lower your weight.

Don’t worry if your not lifting ‘heavy’ yet, focus on your form. If your form is off you will progress slower.

this is a sign of weakness, u can

a.) either lower the weight

b.) try using a wider stance ie. little more than shoulder width, and turn your toes out a touch…this might be your best option if your not one to use lighter weights

[quote]Phill wrote:
Also just make it habit to push the knees out not just neutral but out.

Today was my leg day, and when I followed your advice it actually worked! I was actually able to squat MORE weight without my knees pinching in or my form getting out of wack… weird how little corrections can make such a big difference