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Squats Increase Test All Week?

Now I’ve heard a lot of stories at the gym if you do legs your testosterone will be boosted is this true?

That must be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. Your body doesn’t run on a calender schedule. If you do legs on Wednesday, will the effects only last until Sunday? How about on Saturday? Will your body only reap its effects until Sunday? No!

I don’t know about having your testosterone elevated for a week. I do know that after a weight training session, your body’s metabolism will be elevated up to 36 hrs.

Bottom line: just do legs at any day of the week. Heck, do them more than once a week.

To not be so blunt as Trenchant, “how the fuck is that even possible?” even commonsense tells us otherwise. Thats impossible.

It looks like he changed his original post to what I assumed he meant to ask in the first place. Maybe specifying a week is a bit too much, but do squats have any effect on test levels? I’ve heard it from a few different sources. Is there any truth to this?

Big, Closed chain exercises where the body moves through space, where the weight is dangerously heavy and compounding - have been shown to increase the output of Testosterone…

Cant be bad… but it is also about as noticeable on performance as a cup of decaff coffee - simply because one knows no different… unless we could run an experiment with a eunoch(sp?), an athlete, a squat rack and a blood test…

Are there any eunoch’s reading?


All I know is that working out big muscle groups is supposed to increase overall muscle growth. That is why the big exercises like squat, deadlift, bench, and Rows are always recommended exercises. I don’t exactly get what the op is saying though, but, I hope that some more experienced members can take some time to explain this.

[quote]Monster21 wrote:
Now I’ve heard a lot of stories at the gym [quote]

Don’t we all lol, I heard something last week in the likes of “The size of your balls decreases proportionally to the thickness of your pecs”

[quote]Joe Joseph wrote:

Are there any eunoch’s reading?


Women :stuck_out_tongue:

A healthy woman won’t have much androstendione produced et delivered in the system by the ovaries except the day or 2 before ovulation.

A healthy woman’s supply of androgen comes almost exclusively from the adrenals, which is ~10% of what a man produces. You could assume a women is a male eunuch.

Fat women get caught in an endless anovulatory cycle - the polycystic ovary syndrome - and raise their androgens and estrogens levels in parallel.

Did the op change his original post?

Cause some of the answers don’t match what he asked. lol


eh whatever…training legs will increase your testosterone output…yes.