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Squats - How Many Muscles Worked

I was reading that the human body contains roughly 600 different muscles. I think I read a long time ago that the squat alone ‘works’ approximately 200 or so of them. Does anyone if this sounds about right? Would a routine of squats, deadlifts and dips cover the majority of these 600? Just curious, thanks.

deadlift and bench press HEAVY WILL cover all bbing muscles you need…

dead beats squat any day.

Besides, get mass first, than symmetry (if you need it)


i agree that the deadlift gets the most muscles simply because you have to use your hands to grip the bar and the emphasis that it puts on all the stabilizer muscles. The reason why the squat is good, because you also need to have a negative for it. That’s why i try to do stiff legged deads eccentics after the regular bent leg concentric motion. I would also substitute bench for dips because of the fact that you can change arm positioning on the bar and because of the recruitment of more stabilizing muscles then what is offered with the dips. laters pk