Squats & Hip Labrum Tears

What’s up everyone…Just a quick rundown of my situation, so hopefully I can get some good insight. I have a torn left hip labrum, as well as osteoarthritis in same. Docs say no hip replacement because I’m only 31. The pain is almost non-existent in daily life, only activated after back squats or kickboxing, from which I’ve recently retired.

I’m a competitive powerlifter though, & can’t back squat…BUT, I can front squat pretty damn heavy (for me), without any pain. Just wondering if that’s safe for me to do…also, the tear is typical FAI, but the bone to bone contact is in the rear of the joint.
I was back squatting 605 prior to the injury, but have lately only been doing FS up to 315.

Can you narrow your back squat stance to mimic that of your front squat? I, too, have a torn hip labrum and have been able to continue squatting competitively by going from wide to narrow stance.

And while I wouldn’t advise surgery if your day-to-day activities aren’t affected, why is a labral repair not an option for you? Also, there is a procedure called a labral reconstruction that might be a better fit for someone of your age than a full hip replacement.