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Squats=Hip Discomfort

Hello all, i have recently started the starting strength program in Rippetoe and kilgore’s book, Starting Strength. The program is going well my DL’s (which i love) are increasing rapidly as are all the other lifts, that is except for the squat.

Since i have started the program i have had a lot of discomfort centered around the anterior side of my hip joint, i have no idea if this may be a flexibility issue or a joint issue; any gains that i had initially have stalled completely and its frustrating as hell.

I have been working on my flexibility from the start but this issue is not resolving itself, a week ago i also bought a Glucosamine/Chondroitin joint formula. Can someone possibly give me some advice, i cannot post video or pictures of form.

Anterolateral pain may have something to do with your abductors, so you may want to stretch them out or maybe add some assistance work for them.

“In a seated, upright position, place your left foot against the outside of your right knee, keeping the right leg flat on the floor. Place your left hand behind you and, using your right hand, exhale slowly and gently pull your left knee toward your right shoulder. Try to look over your left shoulder and feel a comfortable stretch in the outer left hip area. Hold 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat to the opposite side. Repeat twice to each side.”


I would recommend a 15 second hold.

There is a section in Starting Strength that discusses this specifically. I believe it is hip flexor tendonitis. It is hard to go to three days a week of squatting unless you have pretty damn good form.

Thanks for the help lads, what i have does sound like hip flexor tendonitis. I might just spend the next 2 gym sessions practicing my form on squats with empty bar, and do some assistance work for my adductors and abdutors, still feels like i bring my knees in on the way up

As if its not obvious, i suggest stretching your hip flexors.

The first Squat Rx video talks a little about hip and hamstring flexibility/mobility. There are a few stretches towards the end. Definately check them out.

The next SQ RX vid I make will be about hip and lower back mobility and strengthening.

I started to have the same hip pain on my right hip. Luckily, it sort of started on one of my last squat sessions before I took a week off.

During the week off, I applied ice to the area daily. I also would stretch my hip flexors. Here’s a link on a particular stretch http://www.easyvigour.net.nz/fitness/h_hip_flexorstretch.htm

When I got back to squatting, I made sure to warm up thoroughly and strech the hip flexors well. Also, make sure to keep your hamstrings tight when you are in the bottom of the squat so your knee doesn’t drift too far forward. This is what Rippetoe wrote somewhere in his book.

The pain isn’t completely gone, but it isn’t as sharp and painful as it was before. I still ice it after squatting.

You also might want to start taking a fish oil supplement such as Flameout to help reduce inflammation.

[quote]bruinsdmb wrote:
As if its not obvious, i suggest stretching your hip flexors.[/quote]

I would start with the stretches for a couple weeks and see where that goes.

Thanks for all the feedback lads, the problem was not keeping my hamstrings tight, i did squats with bar and progressed through to my current max, only felt a little pain on the last 2 sets, nothing compared to the discomfort that i was feeling previously.

Previously i could not recruit my glutes to drive the weight up, today was easy, and the squat felt good.

Should i lay off squats for a week to let myself heal, or continue to do them?

Once again thanks for the help.

I been on the same program and was just about to post up the same problem.

Thanks for the help guys!

Just like it discusses in starting strength, it may not be hip flexor inflexibility but the fact that your knees are traveling forward at the bottom of your squat pulling on your hip flexors.