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Squats: Glutes/Hamstrings vs Quads?


well firstly - if your quads are weaker than your glutes and hamstrings ( i dont really train quads) and your squatting are you going to feel the burn harder in your quads than hamstrings & glutes? i understand that the hamstrings, glutes are the squatting muscels but is it possible that if your glutes and hamstrings are stronger than your quads that they would hurt more? I also understand that when the knees buckle and move in the weight transfers from hamstrings + glutes to quads.

i am doing free squats btw so im not squating unto a box, i might start doing that again to involve the glutes and hamstrings more

thanks for the help


You are thinking of it all wrong. It's not your fault, everyone does it. Get away from thinking of the lift in terms of quads, hamstrings, glutes, and differentiating between the muscles involved. If you watch a really, really good squatter, regardless of geared, raw, foot position, amount of weight, they all do the exact same thing.

They abduct their hips (hips open up and knees go out), hips flex back, trunk flexes slightly to keep the weight over the mid foot/heel, and then it is an abduction and extension to get out of the hole. Just make sure you are doing the movement correctly and you will be fine.

As far as different muscles hurting more, squatting sucks. And it doesnt feel very good. So don't worry about it. Definietly start doing some box squats.


An example of what I'm talking about, Henry Thomason is the most technically sound squatter I have ever seen. His technique is perfect.


I appreciate your description and thank you.


Beauty lifts! Not expecting anyone to know this info for sure, but how much time likely would have elapsed between each squat attempt?


I have no idea. I would assume 5-10mins


On the deadlift I noticed he goes down while keeping his head up to take advantage of the stretch reflex but then he just looks down and flatten his back ???? can anyone explain


he's wearing a suit. everything you see him do is just his way of getting down to the bar and in proper position to pull. he probably keeps his head up to keep an arch in his back while he tries to sit down.

i could be wrong - i only wore a deadlift suit a couple times and absolutely hated it - but my experience was that setting to pull geared was much harder to get right than setting up to pull raw.

EDIT: by harder i mean more technical


thanks mate for the infomation - i probably am over thinking things too much, i have a tendancy to do that. Aww i love squats its my favourite exercise ( bet you dont hear that too much ) and for the box squats ill do them from now on, i used to do them but then for some reason i changed. thanks for the help though - especially with the video


squats damn well better be your favorite exercise!