Squats Form Check and Tips

squat form

I was able to do this weight without a spot when i weighted 255 lbs but now i can barely do it at 202 lbs. I tried to work on weak muscles like quads, glutes and hammer everything but without success.
It s probably an rpe 9.5 @ 540 lbs. the spotter behind me was so close that i could not shit back my hips anyway ( it is porbalby a no lift for that day).

i have done 530lbs 2 months ago to see where my strength is at the moment.

I need a critical review guys thanks <3

btw, should i change my stance ?

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OP - you’re a strong dude. I certainly don’t see any breakdown in the video. Your stance is a little narrow, but if that was your stance before you lost weight, I can’t imagine it needs to be wider.

It just looked like a heavy weight. You “struggled” (by which I mean slowed down a tiny bit) nearer the top. You could try pin squats or good mornings from just below that point, but I really don’t think there’s anything specific going on - the weights just got heavy!

Does this look a lot worse on video than before? Or maybe it more feels worse after the weight loss? Dropping 20+% of your body weight is no joke (and congrats!), so it stands to reason this lift would get a little tougher.


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@TrainForPain dude thank you so much it means a lot to me, i am seeking that x3 time bw ut it seems so far and unachievable. :frowning_face:

i will try to learn the low bar squat (tried many times and felt so awkward, could not find a shelf in my delts) and will widen my stance a bit to see what happens


Your squat seriously looks smooth now. You’re stronger than me, so do what you think, but it doesn’t look to me like you’re not fitting that style (if that language made any sense).

Maybe a powerlifter will jump in and comment. @mnben87 is one who has also lost weight while competing I think

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I’ll echo what others have said – you’re a strong dude! It is a little tough to tell from the angle, but the only thing I see is a very small amount of what Mike T. calls the chest fall pattern. I want to emphasize that it is very minor. I struggled with this for years and never really fixed it. But pin squats did seem to help with it as did trying to bring up my quad strength.


I haven’t competed since losing weight.

FWIW, I think the squat looked pretty good for basically a max lift.

It may be a bit higher than you think. I basically try to squeeze my shoulder blades together, then starting low scrape the bar up my back until it hits the shelf. It also may not be as much as a shelf as you expect. That is something you get used to. It may feel like you are going to have the bar fall off, but it most likely won’t. Start light to get comfortable with it.

I’d start just a tad wider. I say if you can angle you feet out more, and have your knees travel out to the sides more it would help. You can reduce your ROM doing this. The more forward your knees go, the more forward your torso must lean to keep the bar balanced (roughly over mid foot). It is possible for some (good mobility) to do a low bar, wide stance, knees out to the sides squat with only a little forward lean. This would help with any collapsing out of the hole.

Your squat looks good though! Don’t take my recommendations as things you have to do. Just food for thought on trying some things out.

@RT_Nomad might have some ideas.


@mnben87 thank you brother, i will probably do what you said. a question must be asked, how should i incorporate the new form squat ? secondary day ? or go with it mainly ?

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Tough question. You could go about it many ways. It could be a supplemental lift to high bar for example. You could work on it on really any other lifting day if you are just doing technique work (I am doing this right now).

If you are only doing squats once a week now, doing it a second day is probably good for awhile. The weights won’t be heavy as you learn the new form. Maybe just do a linear progression until it gets moderately challenging, then reassess what you want to do. If you start at like 225, and add 5-10 lbs a week you can ride that for several months.

As you warm up with the new form, try to assess how it feels. Does it feel balanced? Does it feel strong? Does it hurt getting to depth.

I would like some more information.

  • How tall are you? You look at least 5’ 10", maybe taller?
  • Do you feel you are long legged or long waisted?
  • I would like to see your form before you must break form to complete the lift.

It does look like you are squatting down more than squatting back (where your hips work the most efficiently.)

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No it looks fine. The only thing I see wrong with the lift is that you lean forward a bit on the upward movement. In order to remedy this I would ask you to carry it a little lower across your back and really squeeze those shoulder blades together to help balance the load. You’re 95% there anyway. Another month and you’re golden.

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I will add another thing to ponder.
Try to avoid attempting reps that cause you to break form. The last thing you want to do is to learn how to lift in broken form. This was what one of the strongest 275lb lifters did when training. He squatted 1,100lbs in a meet. (2,500+lb total) I never saw him perform a squat where his form broke down when he was training in the gym.


how can he build his work capacity and tolerance then?

i am exactly 6 ft
i think i am proportional to be honest but sometimes i think my legs are very long ><’ that confuses me a lot.
i have a large waist compared to all thr dudes i know

  • i hinge forward a bit and then i brace and i squat. in my mind i try to sit between my legs not back but when i record myself it seems the oppoiste is happening.

i tried to low bar squat, ve put the bar on the rear delts as soon as i get up the bar moves up which is weird…

And I was too. Chances are pretty good that a wider stance would improve your squat weight. I won’t get into all the trigonometry again, but the wider your stance the less you need to be bent forward to be over the center of gravity. And the lower the bar is on your back, the shorter the moment arm between the bar and your hip joint. Both allow more weight. But you need to find that groove at top your rear delts that is comfortable. When doing low bar squat you feel the need to be bent forward a little.

I also believe that when you find the most efficient form for you to squat, breaking form will make the lift more difficult. That is, if you can lift more weight when breaking form, you are not squatting the most efficient form for your structure.


If you talking about Charles Bailey, he did do quite a bit of accommodating resistance. The tolerance of the weight at the top is what loads your body when you are about to squat. (you do know what accommodating resistance is, don’t you?)

Also note, that he is doing doubles and triples in the high 800’s.

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I’d actually ask @Christian_Thibaudeau that question - dude is a walking textbook with this kind of stuff.

Make a thread on his subforum if you’re interested #coaching-forums:christian-thibaudeau-coaching


I have no doubt that he would have the perfect explanation, but in this case, it seems straight forward. If you want to squat 1,100lbs, you need to not be “shocked” when you are supporting that load. Accommodating resistance makes this simple and still perform an actual squat.

We had bands (1 set of black bands, 2 sets of blue bands, 3 sets of green bands, and numerous smaller bands.)
We had 310lbs of chains (1 set of 30’s, 1 set of 25’s, and 5 sets of 20’s)


Guys i can t thank you enough for the golden tips shared <3

by bands, you mean squatting against them or reverse bands?
next time when i squat i will show you the new form i am working on ( large stance like jesus olivares lol) and (low bar which is the hardest part for me is the shelf )

when i think about it for a sec, i am scared of squats anything above 80% makes me shake like a chicken lool. i have always the fear of getting crushed under the weight or/and getting any kind of tear.

even doing 800 x 2 or 3s , can you get enough volume to progress? i mean in his case?

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I like this as a concept - well put.