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Squats for Size


For many years much was written about:
- squats n milk
- breathing squats
- squat heavy
- no squat = sissy
- more squats
- this squat
- that squat, etc...

Some was valuable...

So this thread is meant to be about squatting 2 or 3 days weekly for size.

The potential positive outcomes are:
- bigger legs
- getting leaner
- maybe both
- get a learning experience.

Here are a few guidelines so we enter this experience somewhat on the same page.

  • locking knees or even 1 is illegal and disqualify that set(it cannot be counted).
  • each rep must be all the way down( if your flexibility is not up to it well practice until you get there(in case of injury history you are the best judge).
  • each set must have between 32 and 75 sec. TUT

  • bouncing back up is NOT legal and disqualify that set(it is about lifting not activating reflexes).

  • It should be obvious by now that loads will be smaller than what many are used to(you might do your heavy stuff as you please but it is not part of this thread).

  • Any rep shorter than 4 sec is illegal and disqualify that set.

  • We can play with tempo as long as we fallow previous format.
  • Any variation is welcome(back, front, goblet, dumbbells, backpack, etc...) as long as it is good form.
  • We might use 1 to 3 daily session(s).
  • In case we go at it for many weeks it might be interesting to write our numbers down(weight, each leg and waist size.



Could be a useful article.


So is thread just discussing the pros/cons of frequent, high rep squatting? Or is this like a place you want videos?

And some of these rules seem kind of silly. Can't lock out? If doing a widowmaker set you have to. I'm just confused on what this thread's purpose is, because in the last few months I've went from Squatting 3x a week to not Squatting at all, so this is of interest to me.


oh god..


I was actually about to mention you. You're the one who motivated me to go for a 1.5xBW Squat for 20 last winter. lol


Thanks a bunch.
I am a beginner and i never focussed on squatting so i was hoping to learn and your post is part of what i was looking for(i just glanced at that article but i will read it in a bit).

Even after re-reading my post twice before really posting it i left a few mistakes in it. There is no reason to limit 3 days weekly or a maximum time limit. I just have the feeling that 20-30 reps are less likely to be in good form, all the way down, and without a bounce/stretch reflex.


It's funny that I have it in my head that I need to work to at least a 2xBW squat for 20 to get any good out of it. I still have about 100lbs to go, lol.


I read many articles/threads about widow makers etc...
This is a different subject.
I have no phone and i am not looking for any video.
I am old and we used to do our own calling(golfers, tennis players etc used to ask for a point deduction when the ref was making a mistake in their favor(when no athlete was earning 60 millions a year or even 10).

I ran 2 marathons with allmost no training and i like the outdoors.
I go in a gym for resistance training. Using our bones to old a load gives our muscles a brake so it is a marathon format(work-rest) in my opinion(i might be wrong). Obviously for ego a big load is a plus or to get stronger. This is not the the topic here(you are welcome to do any other subject). TUT is not stop the way i understand it.

You are close about: " discussing the pros/cons of frequent, high rep squatting?"
It is also about fine tuning our approach to avoid pitfalls or just forget about it if the minus are bigger than the advantages.

A reason i mentioned 2 days weekly is so 1 day may be heavy for widow makers or whatever.

Many readers here have lots of experience and might save me/others mistakes.


2XBW squat? I am about 500 lbs away from that!!


I'm still not understanding the point of this thread.

I'm currently doing 20 rep breathing [back] squats 2-3x a week. That doesn't fit into most of the rules you have above.

Right now I'm trying to rework my programming a bit. My upper and mid-back are having trouble supporting the weight. My legs are fine.

Breathing squats take a lot more toll on the back than just a straight set or rest-pause set.

But again, I can't understand what you want out of this thread.


Ok, I'm not sure why you mentioned the 'we did our own calling part' or the fact you ran a marathon, but I think I understand what you're saying.

Well I've done Back and Front Squatting for high reps, 3x a week. It was a good experience, and my legs are one of my more developed body parts most likely because of that.

The not locking out thing I've tried, but I feel for that I would rather use something like the Leg Press.


Understanding this thread is an option.
Just look at the goblet squat video from a link posted above.
3 attempts/examples the 3 failed to go all the way down.
The squat rack at the gym i go to barely allows me to go all the way down at 5 feet 11 so many simply are out of luck being too short/limited by the safety bars. They have access at 2 power racks with adjustable bars but when it is busy it is simply too long a wait.


I lowered my weight on squats, upped my reps, and started doing slow concentrated movements really focusing on the muscle contraction. Took some getting used to, but it has really helped me.


Squats give you biceps remember bros.


Made my biceps huge brah.


FTR, I'm pretty sure BHappy is like 50+ without any sort of muscle mass.. for anybody confused by his posts..


@ Spidey22, when you :
" I've done Back and Front Squatting for high reps, 3x a week. It was a good experience "
what format did you use, x sets, y reps , z rests ?


Eat vegetables and be happy!!



Lol...umm how much do you weigh?


Umm...not sure if this is a joke?

I had to stop reading the OP half way through...

If you're gonna squat 3x a week, I highly recommend against EVERYTHING you mentioned...

Just squat at a normal tempo. DO take advantage of the stretch reflex. Otherwise you wont be lifting much of anything...let alone experiencing a world of DOMS pain if you try and manipulate TUT too much, not best used for squats IMO.

I did do a program similar to Starting Strength. Squats 5x5 three times a week, add 5lbs every workout. No other leg work, no TUT. Amazing leg gains, both size & strength.