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Squats: Foot Width? Good Mornings?

how far apart do you guys place your feet when you do them? what is the difference between good mornings and squats? thanks

i move my feet about until it just feels right

also good mornings are different from squats since good mornings do the hamstrings. i know that much, what i do not know is how effectively. squats are a pushing exercise and do the quadriceps and the antagonist muscle, the hamstrings, theoreticaly require a pulling exercise, good mornings

Jump off a bench, where your feet are when you land is about right. More importantly always keep your leg inline with the direction of your foot.

Good mornings keep the legs stiff and bend at the hips, using the posterior chain to pull back to a standing position.

I used to do atg squats with kind of a wide stance but i felt some stress on my hip joits when i was going down so i started using a close stance (narrower than shoulder width) which actually feels natural.

Most people try to use the same stance as their deadlift or squat stance for more direct carryover. Louie simmons preaches that the mechanics of the good morning should mimic your mechanics on the deadlift (ie similar foot position, slight bend in the knees, butt pushed back etc.). You can vary your foot position if you want to stress different parts of your posterior as needed.

I think it’s helpful to think of good mornings as romanian deadlifts with the bar on your neck. The mechanics are a little differnt because you need to keep the bar over your feet but the idea of keeping the back arched and pushing the butt backwards is the same.

As far as squat stance I think it is pretty individual as well as goal specifics, powerlifters and body builders can have differnt squatting depths and stances. For me it feels most comfortable slightly wider than shoulder width with toes pointed a little outwards.

ive heard of this posterior chain before. it sounded rather mechanical and i liked it. i must read up on it

I just played around with it until it felt right. The amount you turn your feet out seems to depend on how loose the muscles along your shins are (peroneals?). I think the width of your stance also has to do with hip mobility.

Thanks guys. I put a bit wider stance on two nights ago and it seemed to help a lot and felt a lot better. I think I might stick with it. As far as the good mornings. I am good on those. Not interested in doing that exercise at all.