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Squats: Feedback on My Single


Just wanted to put up a video of one of my singles for the day. Wanting to hear feedback, thanks


hard to tell from that angle if you are hitting parallel or not.

i used to low bar squat like that but i found it really hard to keep the elbows under the bar. with bar that low the arms support a lot of the weight and it absolutely killed my shoulders and arms. obviously an issue you are having. as you drive out of the hole your elbows are drifting back which loosens up the upper body. the lower back loses it's arch and rounds and the weight pitches forward. i bet if you go much higher that you will lose the weight forward.

on a positive note it looks like you are doing a good job of pushing the knees out.

i would suggest giving a high(er) bar position a try to allow you to more comfortably get your elbows under the bar. forcing the elbows down under the bar locks the entire upper body into a tight position. it locks the lower back into an arch and keeps the weight over your hips. then all you have to think about is forcing the knees out until you hit depth and then drive out of the hole. the upper body should stay in the same position throughout.


^^^ Totally agree ^^^

The first thing that I noticed is that your head and shoulders are the last thing to move up out of the hole, you drive upwards with your hips and the back rounds. Try moving the head/chest up and elbows forward as your first movement out of the hole. That's a mental cue for me, and it works when I start rounding my upper back.

Hope this helps - keep skwattin!


Thanks, I'll give the higher bar set up a whirl next week. Ironically, I switched to the low bar position because I was failing in the hole because I was falling forward. I think my abs are pretty weak and I just suck at squat, so I'll give a higher position some work and focus on keeping the elbows under.

Good to hear my knees were being pushed out, as I've been focusing on that for a while. I typically pick one thing and try and improve/master it and then the next, instead of trying to fix everything at once. Thanks for the responses!