Squats, Depth Form?

do these look parallel, below parallel or above?

file opens with quicktime

A couple of inches below parallel, hard to tell though.

definitely below parallel.

Definately below parallel.

What type of training do you do? It’s just that you look very dynamic at the top of the squat and I was wondering if you do a lot of OL.

Good job.

yes i do olympic lifts frequently snatches cleans, split jerks but recently i got kicked out of the gym… well i was expecting it to be honest. its a commercial gym with no bumpers and i make noise when o.lifting (especially on misses) and i sometimes scare the clients… anyways i am getting my ol. bar and my weights this week. heheh!

thanks for taking the time to view the video the comments i think you are bit overly genrerous as far as depth is concerned. i posted this set of squats because i was exhausted and i compromised depth as a result… anyways
thats my last clean before i got kicked out :slight_smile: http://s5.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=020ITCS2BBJ5W34JE65N7YTZLO
i think it looks decent but i ve got the timing a lil bad on the receiving portion. only the clean is recorded

Great Clean and Squats (They are definitely low enough)! I especially like the Counting in the squats. All hail the mighty Greeks! I feel for you regarding the gym. It’s near impossible to find a gym that has a lifting platform in N. America. Are you in Greece? If so then surely there must be lifting clubs around.

hey spartan! whats up man! yes i am from greece (athens). i was suprised you know greek! :slight_smile: hehe!! where are you from man?..

yes yes, i do know there are lifting clubs around here for ol. lifting but i dont have time (especially these months due to the uni and exams…) to get registered… so i am buying the ol.bar and some weights and i ll be training the ol. lifts in my garage :slight_smile:

thanks for your generous comments man!i didn’t expect it from those videos it i am pretty new to weight lifting (under a year) but i ve made some progress because my focus is entirely on compound lifts heavy chins,dips, squats, bench, mil.press, ol.lifts, sprints, some easy gymnastics. lol. but i think i need to fix my nutrition and eat MORE…

thats my normal range of motion on squats. http://s51.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3AGE1Z03UFA832OFC3BDAXJ5OQ
it was triples though

The only problem I see with the clean is that it seems a little light for you. You could have power cleaned it easily!