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Squats/Deads Progression Help


Hey guys,

this is my first post after lurking around for a while. Anyways, I'm lifting on Monday and Thurs and my workout looks something like this (not including warmup sets)

Deadlift (1x6 165, 1x5 175, 1x4 185, 1x3 195, 1x2 205, 1x1 215)
Good Morning (3x6 115)
Bench Press (3x5 160)
Some kind of row (T-bar usually) or pullup

Back Squat (3x5 225)
Romanian Deadlift (3x6 135)
Shoulder Press (3x5 90)

I'm a pretty weak guy but i've been making progress on my lifts. Now I don't really know how to setup my deadlift workout.

Should I keep it in a pyramid form like 654321 or do somrething more like the 3x5 squat? Also, since I'm a beginner, do you think adding 10 pounds to the squat and deadlift workout each week would be too much? Any comments on the workout would be much appreciated.


Step up by 10# until you find it too hard then do 5#. Of course the last rep should be hard. There's nothing wrong with 654321 and 3x5 is too taxing on the CNS for deadlifts. Rippetoe has 1x5 in his program while he has 3x5 in the other lifts.

Good mornings after Deadlifts are not good, too hard on the lower back. Try a squat variation like front squat or overhead squat instead. You will still work your back and give your quads a boost as well.



Your squat is heavier than your deadlift! You could try that, but miss off the good mornings for now, spare your energy for deadlifts. try something like 5x165, 5x 185 and 5x205, then if you can do 5x 205 just settle on that the next time and slowly up the poundage week by week.

10lbs is ok if you're making it, if you drop reps or feel your form is dropping just keep the weight the same next session than add 5lbs the following.

Why romanian dl's in the same program too? Risk over overloading the lower back with all that back work.

Lots of articles on this site by the way, offering loads of programs.


thanks for responses guys.

I used to pretty much only bench and squat which is why my deadlift isn't as good but i've almost caught up. That's also why I put in things like Romanians and pull throughs cuz I was under the impression that they help build the hamstrings and glutes.

I put the good mornings in there just cuz I like doing the motion, but I agree they are pretty hard to do after deads. Should I just drop them or what?