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Squats & Deadlifts - Same Week?


Hey guys,

Im following Joe Defranco's WS 4 SB program. Basically, he has 1 lower ME day (on wednesdays) every week where I'll do my ME box squats or deadlifts (3-5 reps). I've also added in a 2nd lower day (on saturdays) for some repetition work. Thing is, Joe suggested unilateral movements and some lighter stuff on the 2nd day if we include it.

I was wondering, would it be practical to deadlift and squat somehow in the same week? i.e. ME Box Squat on Wed and RE Deadlifts(3 sets of 1) on Sat. Then the next week maybe switch it up somehow?

What would you guys suggest? Its just that Id like to box squat every week, but that means I cant fit deadlift in anywhere (unless I do them every 3rd week or so). Also, that means the only box squats (or dlifts) im doing are max efforts.

Thanks guys.


Well, I'd say you do squats for max effort and deadlift for technique.


Then how would i ever test my deadlift max? And what about doing squats for technique?


IF you try to do both in the same week, sooner than later, you will get overtrained. I train ME lower body once a week and do both a squat variation and a dead variation in the same workout. I train the same variations for only two weeks and then switch them up. It works well for me.

You could add in a DE day if you wanted to.


I do deadlifts then three days later do squats then three days later do deadlifts etc. etc. etc. So I'm doing squats and deadlifts in the same week. And I'm not overtraining my legs. One key is to not try to do your max every workout. Vary your rep/set scheme and what type of deadlift and squats you're doing.


I disagree with those who say doing this will overtrain. But, that is just me and everyone responds differently. I'm doing a Bill Starr 5x5 where I sqaut 3 times a week and deadlift once. Never maxing out, but its pretty tough. I also added some arms work on off days. My body tells me when I'm tired. Try it out and listen to yours. Maybe its for you, maybe not.


I squat on Mondays and Deadlift on Wednesdays. I don't work up to a true max, but usually do 3/2/1 waves where the "1" is around 95% of my max.

Working well so far.


In the original Westside for Skinny Bastard's article, romanian deadlifts are one of the suggested accessory hamstring exercises.


If you choose to do a repetition lower day, he again suggests romanian deadlifts as one of the accessories:


And I remember reading somewhere to switch between a lower body push (squat variation) and a lower body pull (dead variation) every couple weeks, but then I couldn't find where. I've used it as a rule in my training and it's been very helpful.

Good luck!


I train the squat and the deadlift almost every lower body session. On Sunday I speed squat followed by a form of deadlift, usually for triples. On Wednesday I will perform a ME box squat or a ME goodmorning followed by speed pulls. I will work in a ME deadlift on rare occasions. The key is to change variations of the movements as well as percentages and you won't overtrain. If your constantly doing the same movements at 100% then you will overtrain for sure.


Thanks a lot for all the replies guys.
Has helped a lot


maybe power clean on your lower body speed day? you dont go as heavy which should prevent overtraining, but since you're pulling fast, it could do some good. but hey, what do i know?


Given that he suggests switching up the ME lift every 2-3 weeks, I don't think there's much danger in losing progress in one or the other so long as you make sure to hit the secondary exercises hard, and ensure that the once you choose mimic the function of the big lift you've got on the back burner.