Squats, Deadlifts, and Testosterone

Hey, I was just wondering how effective you guys have found deadlifts and squats for naturally increasing testosterone? I read that it only increases testosterone while your doing them, and imediately afterwards?

I often times here people say “The best way to add mass to your upper body is through squats”. Now is it just that whenever your legs grow, your upper body grows with it, or is there something more profound to it?

Is it just working your legs in general that produces more testosterone, or is it specifically squats and deads?

Let me know what you guys think


Um, I’m not so sure about the whole testosterone thing. What I can tell you, though, is that people say the best way to add mass is by doing squats (and I hope deads are mentioned there somewhere,) is because it affects your central nervous system.

The CNS is generally accepted as something that needs to be stimulated with large, compound movements, and that’ll help trigger muscle growth.

There is a study (from 70s) that came to the conclusion that exercises that use a lot of muscle mass ( it mentions the deadlift specificaly) produces the greater testosterone response.