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Squats: Dead and Buried


Guys I need help I’m currently having the hardest time with my squat. I keep dying in the hole on the squat. I will go up just 10 pounds from a weight I pretty much fly up with and it just seems like I have no ability to grind it up. A friend of mine who squats a little over 4 plates suggested box squats at different heights around the bottom and I got real good at those but it literally didn’t increase my free squat at all. So I need some direction because 245 pounds is far too low of a weight to be stuck at for 2 months. I feel like my problem is some combination, inability to grind out of the hole, eccentric strength because I seem to go lower and lower the heavier the weight gets just to slow it down, or maybe just general leg strength, or even core weakness, but I currently have no idea how to attack this and need some outside help. I’m thinking maybe pause squats but not sure what else to use and am open to all suggestions.


Pause squats could definitely help, if you pause for a count of 1 or 2 then explode out of the hole. CT included 1.5 squats in one of his programs that helped me a lot, where you start the squat normally, go down into the hole, come up half way, back down into the hole, then all the way up (that makes 1 rep). In the program (915 if you’re interested), its done for sets of 3 to 5. Start light and build your way up. Hope this helps!


It would also be a good idea to assess your technique, your eating plan, your recovery, everything like that. Are your other lifts stalled? How experienced are you? Info like that would definitely help a lot of people on this forum to help you better


It could be a mental thing. Right now I am experience the same problem with the bench. Im even debating buying Mark Bells slingshot to propell me forward. But with squats, I would cut back on the weight and build back up, see if you can break that platuea.


Its probably a form issue…

please tell me your more than 165 lbs at 6 feet at the moment.

The weight is too heavy for you at your current overall strength level… or as I stated its a form issue.


Well Mence97 glad to see someone cosign the pause squat I think I will look into 1.5 squats too. I feel I just need a lot of strength in that general area. Thanks for the advice


Hey bulldog I’m a bit bigger at 175 now but I’m definitely still not very big.
I don’t think it’s just too heavy for me as much as some kind of form issue because I can get 245 up with little to no issue but 255 staples me.

If it helps my current stats are
Weight 175
Bench 195
Squat 245
Sumo 405 Dead 375


You might not think it is too heavy, but a lot of people here do.

Congrats on the 10lbs. Now imagine another 10lbs and so on…


If your sure your not having form issues… Than its probably is a mental thing. The 245 is your max correct?


with those numbers just do madcow 5x5, google the spreadsheet and start light.