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Squats Causing Hip Pain

I have not been squatting with any real poundage for about 14 days because of pain in the si joint area on my right hip. I can also see that something is really wrong with my squats on video, the bar tilts to the left and my hip shifts to the right, and this is with only 225 pounds. I really don´t know what to do about it, and I have tried almost everything , strecthing and foam rolling every part of my lowerbody + stretching of pecs and lats , single leg training. I dont know if my squats has looked like this from the beginning (1,5 years ago), but now with some more poundage the problem maybe shows up. I will get it my pelvis and leg length checked by a pt the coming week, because i may have a length discrepancy. But if anybody has some experience with the same problem or some tips on how to correct it , it will be very appreiciated.