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Squats Below Par


Alright guys,I finished AGVT in the first week of march and held my weight for the month.I have started a TBT program and Im 75lbs under what I used in AGVT and my legs dont seem to want to hold the weight,they shake with 225lbs on the bar,Im also having the same problem in deadlifts but not as bad.

Id like some advice on how I can fix this problem,if you all dont mind


Do you get cramps too, maybe after training or at night ? Also what you eating before training ?


Only my chin cramps since i started lifting.I eat breakfast(usually small though)and I have a big lunch at 11am(school) have a snack around 1pm and workout from 2:45-4:15pm

I eat 4-4.5k calories right now since im trying to drop some fat,I was eating 5k since november


I was gonna suggest something you could try but changed my mind. Maybe one of the authors here might have some ideas about the shaking and how to remedy it.


You mentioned school which brings me to ask how old are you? Sometimes when someone grows fast during their peak years their co-ordination in sports and lifting can be thrown out of wack because motor engrams in your brain have not adjusted to your new height, I see it a lot in schools where a person is good at a sport in grade 9 then they cannot perform the same until grade 11 or even 12,

If not, shaking can also be nerves if you havent psychologically mastered the weight, I find if I am unracking weight for squatting and I am unsure if i can squat it sometimes my legs shake, it goes away for me and i do not worry too much about it,


im 17 and I'll be a senior this august.I used to squat 225 when I was 15,so the psychological aspect probably isnt there...but I wont write it off.Ive been 5'11 for 2 years,I grew 3 inches during 9th grade.Having said that every male on both sides of them family are at least 6'1,so it might be growing.

Ill try using just the 225 for my next workout and see if the shaking/not wanting to bend stops.


Lower the weight until you stop shaking. easy


The thing is,since I can do 300 for 10x3 and I'm doing 225 for 5x5 I'm worried if I drop down more my legs aren't going to get "worked".I hardly feel anything until set 4 with the 225


Well, I WAS going to mention the fact that GVT is NOT something to do if you expect to keep current max strength levels. The intensity/volume is too low/high, respectively. I was going to say that you should focus on max strength with low reps/volume for a while after your GVT volume kick. That will bring you back up. Remember, you get what you train for, so if you drop the intensity all the way down in favor of massive volume, max strength almost always drops.

Same thing on the other hand: if you train low volume/high intensity, your strength will go up, but your muscles' endurance/metabolic efficency at a given %1RM of your current max will drop. (Not to be confused with metabolic efficiency/activity in diet. I mean your muscles' ability to handle cellular fuel resources efficiently and hence a % weight for a longer period of time).

Also shift your calories around (timing, not quantity). Eat a bigger breakfast.

Now I'm not sure. But I think I'll stick to my advice. It seems your CNS wants to give out early, whereas your muscular endurance is fine from the GVT, as you don't "feel" anything.

Just some thoughts. Hope this helps.