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Squats are Larger than Life.


I feel the most alive when I squat, but squat is not life, squat is bigger than life!


thats fucking sick bro. i have to agree SQUATS ARE KING! last time i did the 20 rep squats i maxed at 315 then puked everywhere haha. I'm no where on your level though.


Awesome video man. I almost forgive you for your depth threads.


does anybody realize that jesse did those squats at the END of a brutal workout which included power cleans of around 350lbs for reps?




I think he also did some explosive pullups after that, and his squats were a bit deeper, but I don't think stallion is really trying to say he is as good as Marunde, just getting close to his squat numbers. Marunde was the definition of man, too bad he went before he could win WSM, but second place is pretty damn good too.


AND high rep pull ups. And Jesse was also a very weak squatter (at least by his standards) that DIDN'T prioritize doing sets of 20.

He also didn't have to specialize on the squat to do what he did.


actually, i read an article in milo magazine that detailed Jessie's training, he was suffering chronic knee problems, so he could not squat deep with anything too heavy. so he would do power cleans, pull ups, AND do like nearly a 1000lbs for a few reps on a power-squat like machine(basically and hack squat machine that he turns around backwards on, just like i do them :)), THEN as a finisher he will work up to 300-400 for very very high reps in the back squat.


ya, i get that too, but this guy is in grave need of some humble pie as of late with all his self aggrandizing threads. he has healthy knees, and the squat is his pet lift, i respect his passion, but get a little older and rack up about a dozen or so major injuries and talk to me about the "ONLY REAL LIFTING IS DEEEEEEEEEP ATG SQUATS!!!! ARRRGH"!!!!!

oh and everybody knows the only REAL lifting is deadlifts anhoo. since that is the only lift i am even moderately still any good at, that has to be so, right? just ask anybody from Finland lol.


I don't get it, you lost.

Just kidding, nice work.


I wouldn't have even bothered to said anything, but this is like the third time I've heard this guy compare himself to Marunde.

The pet lift threads get old quickly.



in reality, my most impressive feat of "strength" is my 80 feet plus 22lb scottish hammer throws in the HG's.

im starting a new thread:

scottish hammer throwing is the best!!! if you do not throw the hammer far you are nothing!!!!


Duuuuuuude. Everyone knows atlas stones are the only real test of strength. If you can't load to a 54" platform you are NOTHING!


Eh guys....

It's ALLLLLL about being sponsored by Inzer, having a decent bench, posting loads of pictures and updates ALL IN CAPS and never replying to questions.



lol @ decent bench, but I agree with where you are coming from.


and squatting 295 for a single


On every message board. EVER.




Wow, impressive stuff. Mad props.

Been doing 20 rep squats for a while or they relatively new to your training?


Lol, big willie is his name isn't it? Gotta love when people make the comment "Wow! What does your training look like?" to which he replies "Thanks guys!"