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Squats are killing me

Iam 18 and have been lifting for three years. I am really lazy with my legs and just started getting into doing them again. Ever since i started, i could never do squats with a barbell because it really hurts my upper groin by my hamstring. I started light at just 135 pounds, and after the first set it felt like i strained the muscle. I was wondering if i just need to go even lighter and work my way up slower. I think my form is pretty good and it seems like my legs are just messed up and get hurt from the excersice. It doesn’t hurt as much with the leg press machine and I was just wondering if anyone had any advice. Thanks

Suck it up wuss!

Just joking. Ease into it man. Flexabilty is key in the squat.

Go to the ground and watch your ass explode!

Definitely sounds like a flexibility issue. I can’t tell from your description which muscle it is that’s hurting… Try doing some static stretches for the muscle and go lighter on your squats for now, then work back up gradually.

Start lighter and keep squating. Also, How tall are you?

I’m about 5’10" and i am pretty plexible so I dont see what is going wrong. I am going to go even lower, but I feel like such a pussy doing only like 95lbs squating. But whatever, as long as I can get my groin up to speed. Thanks for the advice and for telling me to just suck it up.

squats always feel uncomfortable to me unless i do a significant amount of stretching before i start. I would think some extra stretching would ease the pain.