Squats and total body parts ballance

well guys I completed an 8-week reactive strength cycle done for squats last week.
Added almost 50 to my best squat, was squatting heavily twice a week plus some good mornings power cleans and glute rises; nothing more for low body. Now guess what, yesterday I was playing beach volleyball and even though my vertical jump somewhat increased, I found that my body is totally out of ballance. I think I overdeveloped hamstrings or not sure what else relative to the other muscles. I slightly pulled a few muscles in my upper thighs and it feels like maybe some ligaments too. What was previously no problem for me, like jump serve, now made me almost injured even after warmups. Now I have to figure out what to do to counterbalance the overdevelopment from squats. I remeber Ian King wrote somewhere that if any of those powerlifters were to run a sprint or play a high dynamic game they would all get injured. Now I see how right he was.

my wife and workout partners are powerlifters and train our posterior muscles very hard and do not do any direct quad workouts. i know my partners can run and sprint circles around most people. i know i can too. one of my workout partners plays competitive basketball for a couple of hours on the weekend. if ian said that, then he is wrong. your injury could have been caused by lots of things, but i doubt its from over an developed posterior chain. you think it might be caused by squatting heavy twice a week for 8 weeks? that doesn’t sound like a smart training program to use before playing vollyball.