Squats and Shin Splints?

I’ve recently made my squat much better. I always had terrible technique, but now i’m trying to do better and get it closer to my deadlift in terms of numbers.

But since my squat has been rising up, i’ve started getting horrible ‘shin splints’ in my right shin and calf, which hurts and fucks me up when i go for a jog. Do you guys think these two are related? and if the shin splints are a symptom of squats going up rapidly, will it pass, or are there precautions i should take against it? I don’t really want to see a non-lifting doctor who’ll just say ‘rest’ and not sympathise.

Also, i was gonna do squats and milk in like a month, do you all think that’s a bad idea? I’m still motivated for it, just don’t want to injure my leg! Cheers