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Squats And Romanian Deadlifts


I know i know, another squat and deadlift post. Well my question is does anyone believe that squats, deadlifts, and some calve exercises alone suffice for a good leg day. I believe so, i just want to get some expert T-Nation opinions.

I tried to do leg extensions after the squats and deadlifts and just felt like it was overdoing it. My legs were shot after those two exercises.

This is my rep scheme that i do for these exercises and pretty much all of my other exercises: 3x12,10,8. Set of 12 reps,then, i add weight so my muscles fatigue after 10 reps, then, the same is done for the last set of 8. So theres 30 reps total.


I think squats deads and calf raises are fine for a leg day.

Its certainly better than what I see most people doing- 2 sets of leg extensions and 2 sets of leg curls (if they do legs at all)


Haha thats terrible. Yea i really go all out on the squats and the deads too. So thats why i figured it should be fine.


Like previously said, better then most. Mylast leg day consisted of Front squats, RDL, Step Lunges, GM's, Leg extensions, Swiss Ball squats, Leg Curls, Swiss Ball leg Curl. May seem like much, but man does it feel good. (Also follow it with sprints)


some unilateral work won't hurt.


How many sets of each?

That seems like way too much volume.



I just usually do Squats, Deads, Leg Press (Plie Squat on a cutting cycle), and Leg Extensions make up my leg day, and I usually hobble, literally, out of the gym.


I like to spread legs out into two days each week. First day i do squats, deadlifts, and goodmornings in that order followed by some calf work. The second one i do leg press, step lunges, leg extensions and leg curls. It's working great on leg balance and thickness.


The routine looks like this.

Superset 1
Front squats 3x5
Romanian Deadlifts 3x5

Superset 2
Step Lunges 3x8
Good Mornings 3x8

Superset 3
Leg Extensions 3x10
Swiss ball Wall squats 3xfailure

Superset 4
Leg Curl 3x10
Swiss Ball Leg Curl 3xfailure

The last two are technically not to failure, it just burns like crazy. It may seem like a lot of volume but I can get that routine done in well under an hour, plus I enjoyed it.