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Squats and Milk Questions

So I have been reading this site for quite some time now. Decided to finally kick my ass into shape and picked the "squats and milk" program. I can barely walk. My question is how long should the workout actually take? I seemed to be done a lot faster than I thought I would. I do have the tendency to rush through things...thats why I'm asking.

20 squats
20 pullovers
circuit of chins, dips and crunches x3



I think squats and milk sucks!

Now if you do squats and milk with some powdered doughnuts ...then you may have something. I've tried dips and milk ...but it made me lose weight. Try dips and doughnuts ...I'm onto something!



How fast are you doing it? How long are you resting? Are you doing just 1 set of 20 squats or is that 4 sets of 5 or something? Big difference. Are you making gains? Answer those question for starters.


well really that doesnt matter to damn much sounds like it was VERY effective if you arent walking LOL

main thing work damn hard. if you didnt one workout note that and be sure not to next time. But the w/o is going to be pretty breif and brutal bro depending on how many warm ups you take.



In my experience, it doesn't take long at all. You can embellish it with more exercises if you like. I like to toss in deadlift one day a week, it's all up to what you want.


Full workout took about 30 minutes
Resting enough to prevent passing out but...maybe 2 miniutes between each exercise.
1 set of 20
Only did the workout twice...so no gains yet


I don't see how 20 reps can make you unable to walk. With the weight you use for 20 reps I don't think you can honestly exhaust your quads . Maybe since you've only done it twice. But in another week or two you won't even feel it. Change that to 4x5 or 2x10 or whatever (just multiple sets) and squat some weight. I just have never seen single sets work that well...


Heavy breathing squats are hell on earth there is nothing easy about them. The thing is you have to use weights that you can barely do for 20 reps, I did the 20 rep squat thing for and gained some serious size on my legs.


Squats and milk program is 20 reps with a weight you normally can only do 10 times. They're also called breathing squats cuz it's long pauses between reps after about 15 of 'em, during which time you mimic a steam train.

I've never had enough guts to try it, but I have a buddy who's got himself up to 265 for 20 on his way to 315. Really packs the meat on your bones if he's any indicator.


thanks for clearing that up... I was always confused about the weight.


Not necessarily. Chad Waterbury says in Muscle Revolution that there are far too many risks in heavily fatiguing exercises, namely lift to failure routines. I will reread the section, then post on it.


Yeah, well Chad's not God, so he can be wrong. Lifting to failure and using high intensity techniques a la Thibaudeau can work too. Besides, in the immortal words of Louie Simmons "a perfectly safe exercise is a perfectly f***ing useless exercise". Translation is--risk is part of the game.

If you're smart about failure training, you won't need to worry too much. For the record, I don't lift to failure most days. But for a guy looking to add size, "heavily fatiguing exercises", as you put it, are the way to go. More microtrauma = more growth if you eat and rest enough.