Squats and hormones etc...

Its pretty much accepted I think that performing exercises such as squats and deadlifts triggers an increase in the levels of T and GH (isnt it?).

Does anyone know of any evidence to back this up?

This is what I have heard as well and have adjusted my workouts accordingly. I guess the general idea is that exercises like squats and deadlifts work a great deal of the body, not just one body part. My favorite right now is deadlifts so I have been focusing on getting stronger in this regard.

Theres no doubt in my mind that its true. Seen the benefits with lots of people.

Have any studies been done on this?

The big question is if this increased levels of testosterone or GH would do something for you?

I mean the little increase you receive is still in “normal range”, and actually not so big. And it only last for 20 min after exercise I’ve heard, and then it will fall down to your regular levels - or at worst even less than normal for up to 3 days if you train for hard!