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Squats and Hip Pinching


When I squat I feel a lot of tightness in the front of my hips. I've been foam rolling and stretching like crazy, and my hip flexor flexibility has improved, but this hasn't helped.

More importantly, it doesn't feel like a muscle that's being stretched, it feels like something is going on in the joint.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?


Yeah... and I had hip surgery. Use the ROM you got bud.


I had a pinching feling in the front of my hip for a while, stretching helped for me.
Keep persisting with the stretching but if you have any pain dont try to just push through it.
like the guy above said, try reducing your ROM in the mean time but I would suggest experimenting with the width of your stance and angle of your feet.


I recall experiencing the same thing back when I first started squatting. For me, it gradually diminished and no longer is a problem.


Shove the knees out. I used to get this type of sensation that you are describing because my knees were buckling inwards under a load.


FAI. Somewhat common in young athletes.