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Squats and Hip Pain

hey guys im a beginner and i just started on SS. but i’ve been facing a lot of pain on the squats in my hip everytime i go down.

is there anything i can do to stop the pain? or is there anything similar to the back squat like the front squat that i can do. i value the squats a lot and i cant see myself taking it out at all!


Can you describe the pain your experiencing when you’re training (i.e. actual joint pain or pain in muscles around the hip area)

Either way I recon the most likely reason is poor technique when lifting. You should get trainer to teach you proper technique and supervise your sessions especially in the early stages of your training program

its hard to get a trainer over here

the pain is in the muscles. hurts a lot when i try lifting my leg up

What kind of warmups are you doing? It could be a technique issue, or a lack of proper warmup, or something could actually be wrong with you leg. Is the pain in your hip joint or in the muscle? The description you’ve given so far is pretty vague.

" … hurts a lot when i try lifting my leg up "???
As in when your not training when you try to lift your leg you experience pain? If this is the case then it sounds like you’ve injured yourself and should ease up a bit. If it persists then you need to go see a Physiotherapist and get yourself checked out.

If this isn’t what you mean then I agree with ninjaboy, your problem could also be flexibility:
Try looking at the warm up you do (I’d normally do around 5 mins of dynamic stretching and 10 mins on a rowing machine at about 20 SPM).
Drop back on the weight you’re lifting when doing the Squat and concentrate on your technique (plenty of good articles available on this site explaining how they should be done)
If you can’t find a trainer get a camera and record yourself so you can critique your performance.
Lift heavy and deep using a machine. this way your body can get used to the range of motion you have to do
Also a good cool down incorporating static stretching

had it happen before. Flexibility is part of it, but i would suggest doing more warmup stuff. Stepping over a bench is a good way to warm up the hips as well as going under a bar or something. Ease off till it doesnt hurt anymore or else it will nag you for a while to come

thanks guys.
i think i might have injured it. it hurts when i try to lift my leg up.i guess i’ll have to ease up.

thanks for the advice