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Squats and Hip Flexors

What is the tie between the two. Its seems like I have always struggled to do any decent amount of weight on the regular back squat. I can do machine hack squats, and can somewhat do front squats, but back squats have always owned me.

It seems like I cant progress. Well lately I have noticed a lingering lower back pain and started reading around. I found that my pain was caused by extremely tight hip flexors.

I have been stretching them for the last week a little bit extra and have really noticed an improvement in the way my back feels. Could this have been hindering my progress with the back squat? Just not sure how they tie together.

I also think I lack some glute activation, but just curious about the relationship between the hip flexors and squat. Thanks guys.

I too suffer from tight hip flexors and it has definitely made my squatting suffer. If you have tight hip flexors this will definitely hinder your progress. I’ve had to stop squatting for up to 2 weeks because my right hip flexor was still sore. I am now squatting only once a week if i do anymore then my right hip flexor is really tight and sore for the next couple of days. If your squatting olympic style atg your hip flexors will come into play for sure. If
i were you i would continue to stretch.

Personally I try to stretch everyday usually doing 2-3 sessions that last up to an hour of off and on stretching. You also might want to start training your abs this will help offset the imbalance between your back and hip flexors. As far as the glute activation i noticed that they’re activated more when my feet are neutral then when pointing owtwards.