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Squats and Hip Flexibility

Hi all, I’ve been doing low bar back squat (about 2-3 inches below paralel) for a while and I just switched to high bar back squat (ass to grass). The problem is I get a light pain in my right hip flexor after squatting. Is it due to a decrease in hip flexibility caused by low bar back squats ? I’ve done a lot of overhead squats, front squat and oly back squat in the past, I’m just getting back at them and I don’t want to screw anything. Thanks a lot.

PS: sorry my english isn’t perfect yet :slight_smile:

Keep doing it, maybe do some dynamic stretching before you squat. When I transitioned from front squats to back squats again, my right hip flexor also felt tight during and after my set. It eventually went away.

Thanks Dlboy, I’ll keep at it and see where it goes.

Why don’t you stretch your hip flexors before and after?

I will.

It’s likely hamstring-dominant (and incomplete) hip extension/posterior pelvic tilt. The problem is extremely common in powerlifters and anyone who doesn’t know how to use their glutes. We go to great lengths to address the issue in “Magnificent Mobility;” the drills we outline in the DVD have fixed a lot of hip problems.

I think I ahve this same problem. But when I use a closer stance for squats…ass to grass i feel no pain…when i usea bit wider than shoulder-width my left hip HURTSS!!! how the hell does it get fixed!!!


Ive noticed the same thing, wide squats really seem to kill my hips. I think it has something to do with hip crowding, when you have a narrower squat stance your femur and tibia will have to travel forward and you can split the difference between your quads and glutes/hams.

A wide stance gets the hip extensors into the movement much sooner and you’ll notice people who squat wide have perpendicular tibias, at least relative to a narrow base squatter. It obviously contributes to more stress on the hip joint and less on the knee joint, from which the hip flexor problem stems from in one way or another.