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Squats and heat exhaustion?


I was wondering if anyone has any insight into this or not. When i do squats and i get to sets 2-3 i have to generally lye down other wise i will faint and puke. These sets are to failure though or atleast very close and i do 405 for 3 sets of 8 and these are full squats i go down as low as i can. My problem is i want to do more in the workout but i feel like shit for an hour. Yes i have thought about doing other exercises first but i want full effort put into my squats. So if anyone knows of any way of getting myself to not feel like passing out i would appreciate the help.


Doesn't sound like heat exhaustion; that is life threatening and arises when the body cannot keep its core temperature within normal range.

Sounds like 'regular' exhaustion. Improve your cardio, space your reps further (say 4x6 or even 6x4), and/or bring an oxygen cylinder and inhale away.


any time i bang my quads really hard i feel like i am going to collapse as well. i have to sit down. legs get shaky/unstable for a while. only happens during heavy quad workouts (squats/lunges etc in same workout).

ive heard some bodybuilders say 'the blood is all rushing to your quads bro!' dont know if thats why it causes the light headedness..


do you use any stimulants pre-workout?


I typically always experience some sort of nausea (of varying severity), but ALWAYS get a headache right between the eyes on leg day.

Ive found that a protocol of creatine with help with the lactic acid buildup. Havent found anything for the headache except time.



The moral is to not listen to bodybuilders. Most of them couldn't find their quads with both hands.



Your thinking of heat stroke, that is truly life threatening but heat exhaustion is nothing to worry about! Just drink alot of water and cool down.

Do you dive? With a name like that....


I am a bodybuilder and i don't take any stimulants and i do know the difference between heat exhastion and heat stroke, and it is heat exhaustion. So i think my best course of action is to rest longer between sets and drink plenty of water. At least that is what i did today and i seemed to work alright though i did feel queezy after squats still but that better then feeling like passing out. thanks guys


As stated earlier, when you do heavy leg work you tend to produce more lactic acid than you would with other exercises. However, it is not necessarily the acid that is the problem.

The problem lies in the fact that when you produce acid your body tries to buffer it (i.e., prevent it from becoming harmful) by releasing a base (I think bicarbonate?) into the blood. Often the body overshoots its goal and the blood becomes basic. When you're basic you generally feel like shit and want to toss your cookies.

Suggestions would be to decrease the reps per set and do more sets. Increasing the time between sets would also help.


...or to take creatine. If your body doesnt produce as much lactic acid, then not as much (bicarbonate?) is produced therefore not making you feel like shit.

...or you can do less work. That is always productive.

I bet if you just stay home and watch The Bachelor then you wont get sick at all aside from all the twinkies you can eat.



You're correct, heat stroke is the immediately life threatening condition when the body's core temp has risen above normal.

Heat exhaustion, as defined by St John's would be the preceeding condition of water and electrolyte depletion after prolonged heavy sweating etc...

However, my point was that the symptoms in the original post are not related to heat stroke or heat exhaustion. Instead, they are a result of the power output of the muscles involved (squat) being higher than what the support systems (cardio, waste removal, etc) can handle.

On the diving note, yes I do, not as much as I would like to though.