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Squats and Glutes

Alot of the delayed onset muscle soreness I get from full squats is in my glutes. As Im not exactly tall and unfortunately seem to have good glute building genetics - will half, full, or front squats build less glute mass and are there any other exercises that build full squat strength without working the glutes as much? I deadlift every week and dont think this is a major factor in glute development.

I think you’ll find that the glutes are an integral part of all compound leg movements. Chances are you’ll just have to put up with having ‘squaters ass’ some of us out here…

Thanks Mark - I thought this lifting past was ignored in favour of all the off topic posts. I sort of came to the same conclusion last night except that I decided I might go for more leg extensions in the hope of squatting more without increasing glute size too much (trust me, even as low as 5% BF, “I got back” as sir mixalot would say). And if this is Perth Mark, Im working on a transport infrastructure tender that will be in Perth and will post here if I end up doing a few weeks work there and get stuck for places to work out.

There should have been a “like” between ‘ass’ and ‘some’ in my last post.

If your hammies aint strong compared to your glutes, they cant bare a lot of load. Spend some time prioritizing the hamstrings as hip extensors, then try again with the full squats.