Squats and Farmers Walks

I am looking for other ways to improve my grip. I have done 3 weeks of heavy DB holds folllowed by 3 weeks of plate pinching.

I am thinking of doing farmer walks for the next 3-4 weeks. I do grip work on my ME lower body day. Is it ok to do ME squats and farmers walks on the same day?

I know everyone reacts to training in a certine way diffrently. Jusy looking for gerneral advice being I have never done farmers walks before.


sure, give it a shot.

Worth a try. Do the squats first.

If you want to get a better grip than supplementary moves like plate piches or DB holds will only get you so far. You basically just gotta hold heavy crap. Rack pulls or shrugs or anything where you hold more than you dead in your hands will be your best bet.

Farmers walks have always carried over really well for my grip. As have kroc rows.

When i was pulling high 4’s, my above the knee rack pull was around 585, but as soon as I got to 500 off the floor my grip became a problem.

I did alot of farmers walks and kroc rows for about 6 weeks (I had a rib injury at the time so heavy squatting was out) and I haven’t had grip problems since.

I’ve done ME squats followed by a few sets of farmers walks a lot…

I think the squats warm me up good for the moving event. I really like doing DE box squats than farmers.

I’ll give it a go tommmarow.


If you really want to get into grip training, you should check out www.gripboard.com. I don’t know if you can advertise other forums, but this is a really good site with a lot of information. You do have to sign up, though. Here’s some of the things they recommend you do as a starter for the more intense things.

  1. Two Hands Pinch Lift for holds, also use work gloves to protect your skin.
  2. Finger curls with an Olympic Bar, overhand grip. Hold it on the last set when you can’t do anymore finger curls.
  3. Two Hand Wrist Curl. Normal, with a comfortable range of motion. Do not let the bar go into your fingertips like some bodybuilders do, also do them with your thumb under the bar as you are training your wrists and don’t want to fight against the thumb digit on top of the bar.
  4. Two Hands Reverse Wrist Curl.

Also, ever try hand grippers? What about rubber bands to work your extensors? I know a lot of people don’t think of working the muscles controlling the opening of your hand, but it helps and gives more balance which helps with grip strength.